Computer Models and Limitations

Computer Science 280
University of Rochester
Spring 2019

Instructor: Muthu Venkitasubramaniam

Time: MW 15:25-16:40
Place: 1400 Wegmans Hall
Course Web page:

Graduate Teaching Assistant:

Workshop Leaders:

Tutorial Leaders:


The required text for the course is Introduction to the Theory of Computation (3ed.) by Michael Sipser. (Please note that this is the third edition)

You may find the following books to be useful references. Note, however, that we will not always be following the same notations as these books.


Posted on blackboard


CS 173 and MTH 150

Course Administration

All homeworks and grades will be posted on blackboard. Course announcement, discussions and notes will be posted through Piazza.


There will be Quizzes every class, Homeworks every week, and 2-3 Mid-terms. The grade will be based on all tests and workshop participation

Quizzes 40%

Homeworks 15%

Mid-Terms 30%

Workshops 15%

Two of your lowest Quiz scores and one of your lowest Homeworks will be dropped when computing your grade. This means you can afford to miss two quizzes and one homework without affecting your grade.

Academic Honesty Policy

Please read the official academic honesty policy here. Pertaining to CSC 280, it is mandatory that you additionally adhere to the following policies:

  1. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to refer any online source for homeworks, midterms, quizzes and homeworks.

  2. For solving homeworks (while not encouraged) you are allowed to collaborate with other students in this class. However, you are allowed to collaborate with at most THREE OTHER STUDENTS.

  3. You must submit individual homeworks and mention all your collaborators at the beginning of your homeowork. Furthermore, if you cannot explain your solution to a TA or instructor, your work will be considered as plagiarized.

Failure to follow any of the aforementioned policies will be reported to the board of academic honesty according to the rules specified here.