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Undergraduate Program

Cloud Computing Analytics

Course: CSC  292
Term: Spring 2013-2014

Dr. Gueyoung Jung
E-mail: gjung at cs dot rochester dot edu
Office hours by appointment before or after class. Use e-mail (subject starts with CCA2013) to contact the instructor.


Basic knowledge of operating systems and algorithms are recommended. Otherwise, request instructor’s permission.

Instructor will select recent research papers that are related to class topics.

Not required but recommended book: Cloud Computing Principles and Paradigms, Wiley 2011, edited by Rajkumar Buyya, James Broberg, and Andrzej Goscinski.
This book has been written by many cloud computing researchers, and includes fundamental topics of cloud computing. Authors introduce each topics based on their research work and implementations, but higher level than their research papers. The end of each chapter introduces some reference papers that will be helpful for students to understand deep pictures of problems and underlying theories.

Tentative Class Schedule with reading materials:

Course Schedule

Assignments and Grading:
Students will make a team (consisting of 3 or 4 students) and conduct three team projects over the semester. Students do not have mid-term and final, but will have 4 quizzes without notification. Grading will be 60% for projects (each project is 20%), 20% for class project presentation and report, and 20% for quizzes.
For the team projects, undergraduate students can make a team, but instructor encourages the mix of under and grad for a team, and each team has at least one undergraduate student (depending on the ratio of undergraduate students in class). Each team will describe how individual team member contributes to each team project in the final report.