The URCS Department Seminar Series presents public talks by leading researchers on various subjects in Computer Science.
04/22/2003 11:00 AM
Daniel Gildea
Statistical Approaches to Natural Language Semantics
CSB 209
04/18/2003 11:00 AM
Haixun Wang
Weighted Sequences: Pattern Discovery and Language Issues
CSB 209
04/11/2003 11:00 AM
Aristides Gionis
Proximity Problems for Non-Euclidean Data
CSB 209
04/07/2003 11:00 AM
Emmett Witchel
Mondriaan Memory Protection
CSB 209
03/31/2003 11:00 AM
William Schuler
Using Model-Theoretic Semantic Interpretation to Guide Statistical Parsing and Word Recognition in a Spoken Language Interface
CSB 209
03/24/2003 11:00 AM
Laura Bright
Profile-Based Data Delivery in Wide Area and Mobile Environments
CSB 209
03/21/2003 11:00 AM
Filippo Menczer
Mining, Mapping, Modeling and Crawling the Web
CSB 209
03/07/2003 11:00 AM
David Kempe
Gossip and Information Flow in Networks
CSB 209
03/03/2003 11:00 AM
Martha E. Pollack
An Intelligent, Adaptive Cognitive Orthotic
CSB 209
02/24/2003 11:00 AM
Tom Mitchell
AI and the Impending Revolution in Brain Sciences
CSB 209
02/10/2003 11:00 AM
S.S. Ravi
Algorithmic Aspects of Topology Control Problems for Ad hoc Networks
CSB 209
02/03/2003 11:00 AM
Jon Kleinberg
The Structure of Information Networks
CSB 209
11/25/2002 11:00 AM
David Padua
Empirical Search and Architectural Models in Program Generation and Optimization
CSB 209
11/18/2002 11:00 AM
James Lester
Characters, Explanation, and Story: Intelligent Media Systems and Narrative Generation for Knowledge-Based Learning Environments
CSB 209
11/04/2002 11:00 AM
Manuel Blum
Human Interactive Proofs
CSB 209
10/21/2002 11:00 AM
Thomas Kollar, Eric Meisner, Jonathan Schmid, and Tori Sweetser
Mabel: Building a Robot Designed for Human Interaction
CSB 209
10/14/2002 11:00 AM
Keshav Pingali
Fractal Symbolic Analysis for Program Restructuring
CSB 209
10/04/2002 11:00 AM
Mitsu Ogihara
The State of the Department
CSB 209
09/30/2002 11:00 AM
Emin Gun Sirer
The Design and Implementation of an Operating System for Ad Hoc Networks
CSB 209
09/23/2002 11:00 AM
Douglas Lea
Making Java Suitable for Heavy Lifting
CSB 209