Monday, October 23, 2006
11:00 AM
209 CSB
Onno Kluyt
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Java Communities, Standardization and Universities
In this talk Onno Kluyt will outline how the various Java communities interact and the specific roles they play, how standardization with compatibility is achieved through the Java Community Process ( Collaboration is a key aspect of the success of the Java technology to all involved. The presentation will discuss how various stake holders interact and influence the Java ecology. Onno will pay special attention to the role that universities and researchers can and are playing in this environment. If time permits Onno will also give a brief update on Sun's initiatives to release as open source software its Java technology reference implementations.

Bio: Sr. Director and Chair of the Java Community Process Sun Microsystems, Inc. Onno Kluyt heads up the Program Office for the JCP at Sun and is the Chairperson of the community. He has been involved with the JCP since its inception in December 1998. In addition to the well-being and success of the JCP as his prime responsibility, Onno is involved in several other Java and Sun communities such as, the Jini community, the Global Learning and Education Community (GELC) and OpenSPARC. Prior to the JCP Onno was the product marketing manager for JavaBeans and the Java Foundation Classes. Before joining Sun in May 1997, he held various developer relations and software engineering positions at Apple Computer and KPMG Peat Marwick. While Onno grew up in The Netherlands, he now lives and works in Rochester, NY.