Friday, December 08, 2006
11:00 AM
CSB 209
Diego Novillo
Redhat Canada
Internal Workings of the GNU Compiler Collection
In this presentation I will describe the internal workings of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) and its development community. I will provide a road map to the internal workings of GCC that should help compiler implementors modify and enhance GCC to cater their needs.

The presentation will cover the major components in GCC (intermediate representations, SSA forms used, alias analysis, OpenMP, pass manager, call graph manager, structure of passes, etc). The aim is to provide enough information for implementors to be able to modify GCC efficiently.

Bio: Diego Novillo was born in Cordoba, Argentina and holds a PhD in Parallel Computing from the University of Alberta, Canada. He is a Principal Engineer at Red Hat Canada (previously Cygnus), currently working for the compiler group. He has been working on GCC since 1999 and is one of the main architects of GCC's global optimization framework. Diego is a maintainer of various GCC modules including OpenMP, alias analysis and SSA-based optimizers.