Monday, November 09, 2015
12:00 PM
abhi shelat
ANONIZE: A Large-scale Anonymous Survey System


A secure ad-hoc survey scheme enables a survey authority to independently (without any interaction) select an ad-hoc group of registered users based only on their identities (e.g., their email addresses), and create a survey where only selected users can anonymously submit exactly one response.

We present a formalization of secure ad-hoc surveys and present:

* an abstract provably-secure implementation based on standard cryptographic building blocks (which in particular are implied by the existence of enhanced trapdoor permutations in the common reference string model);

* a practical instantiation of our abstract protocol, called ANONIZE, which is provably-secure in the random oracle model based on cryptographic assumptions on groups with bilinear maps.

* a report on using ANONIZE at Cornell Tech to conduct semester-end course evaluations.


abhi shelat is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Virginia and a visiting professor at Cornell Tech while on sabbatical. His research areas include cryptography, secure computation protocols, and encryption schemes. He is recipient of the NSF Career Award, Google Faculty Award, SAIC Award, Virgina FEST Fellowship, Jacobs Future of Money Research grant and named a Microsoft Faculty Fellow. He earned his PhD from MIT and an A.B. from Harvard.