Monday, December 05, 2016
12:00 PM
CSB 209
Rubaiat Habib
Autodesk Research
Dynamic Drawings for Design & Communication


How can we bring life to sketches? Can animation be as easy as sketching? How can dynamic drawings facilitate powerful ways of design & communication?

Most of us experience dynamic media everyday, but rarely we create them. We are looking at animation with a different lens. A medium that helps us to express ourselves in everyday tasks (i.e., design, teaching, presentation, brainstorming) beyond our verbal language. By making animation as easy and fluid as sketching, I intend to make dynamic drawings a powerful medium to think, create, and communicate rapidly. In this talk, I am going to present our award winning research initiative and the thrilling potential of dynamic drawings - Project Draco. Project Draco was recently released as Sketchbook Motion, and was featured by Apple in global app store.


Rubaiat Habib is a Sr. scientist at Autodesk Research. His research interest lies in the intersection of Graphics and HCI for creative design and storytelling. His research in dynamic drawings and animation are turned into new products, reaching to global audience. Among them, Sketchbook motion was recently featured by Apple in global app store. Rubaiatís PhD thesis is written in the form of a comic book, as an attempt to communicate scientific ideas with storytelling and art. Notable awards include Microsoft Research Phd fellowship, several ACM Golden Mouse awards at ACM CHI, and several Peoplesí choice best talk awards at ACM CHI and UIST. As a freelance cartoonist and designer, he contributed to a number of magazines, books, and newspapers.