First lecture slides and Homework 1

The slides of the introduction lecture is available here but you need to access it inside the UR network; otherwise, it will say page not found.  

Homework 1 is as follows:

Review the lecture slides and read the following two papers:

Write an essay on software design.  You are free to choose the title, content and organization but you must include two sections of material.  The first is the four essential difficulties of software development as you would describe the article of Fred Brooks to someone else.  The second is the discussion of another software course you have taken and how its material does or does not address these essential difficulties.  Your essay should use 10pt font and contain at 800 words.

Remember the rules of plagarism.  Any sentence that you copy from the papers or the Internet must be placed in quotation marks with a citation.  Any essay with a plagarized sentence will receive a zero and will be reported following the college procedure on academic dishonesty.

The essay is due by Sunday (9/6) night at mid-night.  You should submit it as a pdf document with your name on the document.  Send the essay by email to <>. 

An excellent example of homework 1 is attached for a reference reading.