The Department of Computer Sciecne at University of Rochester focures on cutting-edge researches in four areas: Artificial Inteligence, Human Computer Interaction, System, and Theory.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence research at UR includes work on knowledge representation and reasoning, machine learning, dialog systems, statistical natural language processing, automated planning, AI-based assistive technology, and computer vision. We collaborate with the departments of Linguistics and Brain and Cognitive Sciences, and participate in the Center for Language Sciences, the Center for Visual Science, and the Center for Computation and the Brain.

Human Computer Interaction

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) concerned with the study, design, construction and implementation of human-centric interactive computer systems. Work in the Rochester HCI group (ROCHI) includes access technology, human computation, information systems, ability-based interfaces, and human-backed access technology.

Computer Systems

Computer systems research at URCS spans a range of topics, including program analysis and compiler technology; parallel, distributed, and mobile computing; cluster-based server technology; low-power hardware and software; processor and memory architecture; concurrency and synchronization; programming environments; and programming language design.


Theoretical Computer Science research at URCS focuses on algorithms and computational complexity, and on their applications in a wide range of fields: computational social choice theory, cryptography and security, Markov chains/counting, and much more.


Over the years, research at Rochester has changed the face of Computer Science. See our field-shaping contributions.

Much of the department’s research spans traditional boundaries not only among subareas of computer science, but between computer science and other allied fields. See our Cross-disciplinary focus.

Members of the department maintain active collaborations with colleagues around the world. See our International collaborations.

Graduate Research Experience

News and Highlights

Monday, October 21, 2013
Systems Researchers Enjoy High Success Rate in Grants

October 20, 2013
Dr. Piotr Faliszewski Wins the Prestigious 2013 Polityka Research Prize in Technical Sciences

September 11, 2013
Researcher Wins Best Paper Award for Automated Interview Coach

August 26, 2013
Prof. Ipek's paper "DESC: Energy Efficient Data Exchange using Synchronized Counters" is accepted for publication at IEEE MICRO'14.

June 20, 2013
Hemaspaandra's recognized for years of service to the ACM SIGACT

January 31, 2013
Lasecki wins prestigious MSR Graduate Fellowship.