My Automated Conversation coacH (MACH)

MACH, My Automated Conversation coacH, is a system for people to practice social interactions in face-to-face scenarios. MACH consists of a 3D character that can see, hear, and make its own decisions in real time. The system was validated in the context of job interviews with 90 MIT undergraduate students. Students who interacted with MACH demonstrated significant performance improvement compared to the students in the control group.

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Vowel Shape

Vowel Shape is an application that helps singers perfect their vowels through an interactive feedback interface. Download the app (avalable for windows only)

Online Python Tutor

Online Python Tutor is a free educational tool that helps students overcome a fundamental barrier to learning programming: understanding what happens as the computer executes each line of a program's source code. Using this tool, a teacher or student can write a Python program directly in the web browser and visualize what the computer is doing step-by-step as it executes the program.

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Chorus provides a two-way conversational interface with the crowd, which can enable robust personal assistants that are powered by the crowd. Prior systems have allowed one-directional natural language interfaces for issuing requests to the crowd, but Chorus is the first work to allow robust dialogue with multiple workers, as if they were a single individual who is aware of the shared conversational history and context.

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Legion is a system that enables real-time crowd control of existing user interfaces. Users simply enter a natural language description of the task they want performed and select a region of their desktop to control. Legion manages workers by introducing a crowd agent model that abstracts away the set of workers and makes the crowd function as a single, more reliable, worker.

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Legion:Scribe is a system that provides high-quality real-time captions on-demand to users' mobile devices by using the input of multiple non-expert workers. Scribe can generate captions that are cheaper and more readily available than professional stenographers, and more accurate than automatic speech recognition.

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Rhema (ROCSpeak_Glass)

Rhema ("Utterance" or "Things Said" in Greek) a.k.a. ROCSpeak_Glass is a Google Glass based application to help people in public speaking. It's intelligent interface can detect the speaker's volume and speaking rate to provide feedback with a goal of modulating the voice. The application utilizes knowledge from human factors to significantly reduce the level of distraction from the feedback during the actual delivery of speech. Experiments with various feedback schemes show that sparse recommendation is more effective to minimize distraction than continuous stream of information.

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VizWiz is an iPhone application aimed at enabling blind people to recruit remote sighted workers to help them with visual problems in nearly real-time. Users take a picture with their phone, speak a question, and then receive multiple spoken answers.

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