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Draft of DAMSL: Dialog Act Markup in Several Layers*

James Allen and Mark Core

* The structure of this annotation scheme was developed by the Multiparty Discourse Group at the Discourse Research Initiative (DRI) meeting at the University of Pennsylvania in March, 1996 and a follow up meeting at Schloss Dagstuhl in February 1997. Additional revisions and development of the manual have been greatly aided by suggestions and feedback from Johanna Moore and her research group at the University of Pittsburgh, Rebecca Passonneau, and Teresa Sikorski. The development of this manual was supported in part by NSF grant IRI-95-03312 and IRI-95-28998, the latter of which was under a subcontract from Columbia University. Thanks to Becky for the acronym for DAMSL. While we have tried to maintain the spirit of the decisions made at the Dagstuhl workshop, we have also had to make changes based on problems that have arisen as we used the scheme in practice. Thus it should not be taken as the final word on the DRI scheme, but could be useful as a starting point to reach a general consensus.

Mark Core
Mon Sep 22 20:05:25 EDT 1997