Homework for Second DRI Meeting

Members of the Multiparty Discourse Group should have gotten a message asking them to annotate the dialogs packaged with the dat tool and send us the results. Note, when sending us this information it is easiest for us if you send each annotation as a separate email message and send any comments separately. However we can also handle uuencoded tar files as well. Click here for help on setting up the provided resources.

A Quick Intro to TRAINS dialog d92a-5.1: TRAINS dialogs deal with tasks involving manufacturing and shipping goods in a railroad freight system. TRAINS dialogs consist of two human speakers, the system and the user. The user is given a problem to solve and a map of the world(GIF format). The system is given a more detailed map (GIF format) and acts as a planning assistant to the user. The problem for d92a-5.1 was simply to ship a boxcar of oranges to Bath by 8 a.m. See the Spoken Dialogue Transcription Page for more details.

A Quick Intro to the Coconut dialog included here: The goal in this dialog is for the two participants to collectively decide how to furnish two rooms with a limited budget. Each participant is given some money and a list of furniture for sale. The participants must collaborate to find out what furniture their partner has available. While the main goal is to negotiate the design of a two room house, the participants also have specific secondary goals which further complicate the problem solving task. They are instructed to try to meet as many of these goals as possible. The secondary goals are: 1) Match colors within a room, 2) Buy as much furniture as you can, 3) Spend all your money. The items of highest priority are a sofa for the living room and a table and 4 chairs for the dining room. In the dialog available here, the first participant (Dolph) has $450 and the second participant (Matt) has $550. Click here for Dolph and Matt's furniture lists. Click here for the Coconut dialog web page. This paper gives more details about the experimental setup.

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