Details on Annotated TRAINS dialogs

These annotations were produced by two trained annotators (a undergraduate student and graduate student) who collaborated to form annotations that they agreed upon. The training of these annotators was informal and consisted of annotating some dialogs and having their annotations compared against each other and canonical annotations.

TRAINS dialogs deal with tasks involving manufacturing and shipping goods in a railroad freight system. TRAINS dialogs consist of two human speakers, the system and the user. The user is given a problem to solve and a map of the world(GIF format). The system is given a more detailed map (GIF format) and acts as a planning assistant to the user. The problem for d92a-2.2 was to ship a tanker of orange juice to Avon and a boxcar of bananas to Corning by three p.m. The starting time of all problems is midnight. The problem for d92a-3.1 is to ship a boxcar of oranges to Bath by eight a.m. See the Spoken Dialogue Transcription Page for more details on these dialogs as well as a full set of transcriptions for the 93 dialogs.

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