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Table 1: Notes on participants
Participant Sex Native Grad. student (G)/ Task Partner Knew
ID   English Undergrad. (NG)/     partner?
    speaker? Other (O)      
S1R F No O 1 S1B Yes
S1B M Yes G 2 S1R Yes
S2R M Yes NG 4 S2B No
S2B M Yes G 3 S2R No
S3R F No NG 6 S3B No
S3B M Yes G 5 S3R No
S4R M Yes NG 8 S4B Yes
S4B F No NG 7 S4R Yes
S5R M Yes G 1 S4B Yes
S5B F No G 5 S5R Yes
S6R M No G 6 S6B Yes
S6B M Yes G 2 S6R Yes
S7R F Yes NG 7 S7B Yes
S7B M Yes NG 3 S7R Yes
S8R M Yes G 8 S8B No
S8B F Yes G 4 S8R No
S9R M Yes NG 8 S9B Yes
S9B M Yes NG 1 S9R Yes
S10R M Yes G 5 S10B Yes
S10B M Yes G 4 S10R Yes

There were twenty participants (table 1). All had completed at least three years of college. Fourteen were male; sixteen were native English speakers. Eight were undergraduates and eleven were graduate students. One was not currently a student. Participants were recruited from Computer Science and Linguistic undergraduates and Computer Science, Linguistics and Optics graduate students using newsgroups, personal invitation, and announcements made in classes. All participants signed consent forms, and each was paid $7.50/hour for participating in the data collection.

Participants worked in pairs. 70% of the participants knew each other.

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