The PURSUIT Corpus was collected at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition in January and February 2008. It consists of 13 audio and GPS recordings of realtime route descriptions as they were driven in cars in the downtown Pensacola, Florida area. The audio signals have been transcribed and separated into utterances. Additionally, references to geospatial entities has been annotated in the corpus with the name, address, and latitude and longitude information for each referent.

This corpus was created as part of a project for automated understanding of natural language path descriptions. The GPS recording of the actual path taken, along with the annotated geospatial references serve as a ``ground truth'' for understanding the path description.

It may be freely downloaded and used, although we ask that you let us know if you are using it so we can more persuasively convince our sponsors that it is useful. Also, please cite the following paper when referencing the corpus: