Schedule for ICAPS05 MIPAS Workshop  (WS3)

Tuesday, June 7, 2005, Windjammer 3-4, First Floor

All talks 20 minutes with 10 minutes of discussion, except for the “kick-off” talk.

8:30 - 9:15am
Introductions  (chair: Greg Sullivan)
Morning Session 1    (chair: Greg Sullivan)
9:15 - 10am
(Kick-off talk) Mixed-Initiative Planning in MAPGEN: Capabilities and Shortcomings
J. Bresina, A. Jonsson, P. Morris, K. Rajan
10 - 10:30am
A Framework for Designing and Evaluating Mixed Initiative Optimization Systems
A. Kirkpatrick, B. Dilkina, W. Havens
10:30 - 11am
Coffee Break
Morning Session II    (chair: George Ferguson)
11 - 11:30am
Mixed-Initiative Issues for a Personalized Time Management Assistant
P. Berry, M. Gervasio, T. Uribe, Neil Yorke-Smith
11:30am - noon
Weasel: A MIPAS System to Assist in Military Planning
C.C. Hayes, A.D. Larson, U. Ravinder
noon - 12:30pm
Working Group Discussion    (chair: Caroline Hayes)
Focus topics:
  • Past MIPAS successes and failures.
  • Develop list of MIPAS current research challenges.
12:30 - 2pm
Lunch (Pacific-Grove)
Afternoon Session    (chair: Greg Sullivan)
2 - 2:30pm
C. Miller
2:30 - 3pm
A Mixed-Initiative Approach to Human-Robot Interaction in Rescue Scenarios
A. Finzi and A. Orlandini
3 - 3:30pm
Metatheoretic Plan Summarization and Comparison
K.L. Myers
3:30 - 4pm
Coffee Break
4:30 - 5:30 pm
Working Group Discussion    (chair: Caroline Hayes)
Focus topics:
  • Develop a set of "most important" future MIPAS research foci.
  • Develop a MIPAS manifesto: why should everyone be doing planning this way?