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META TOPICPARENT name="CS290Spring09"

CSC 290A, Spring 2009: Homework

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META TOPICMOVED by="KonstantinosMenychtas" date="1232735891" from="Main.CS290Spring09Hw1ExtensibleDesign" to="Main.CS290Spring09Hw"
META PREFERENCE name="ALLOWTOPICCHANGE" title="ALLOWTOPICCHANGE" type="Set" value="ChenDing, KonstantinosMenychtas, ArrvindhShriraman"
META PREFERENCE name="ALLOWTOPICRENAME" title="ALLOWTOPICRENAME" type="Set" value="ChenDing,KonstantinosMenychtas, ArrvindhShriraman"
META PREFERENCE name="ALLOWTOPICVIEW" title="ALLOWTOPICVIEW" type="Set" value="ChenDing,KonstantinosMenychtas, ArrvindhShriraman"
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