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This class wiki serves as both a blackboard for technical discussions and a billboard for information sharing. The organization of this wiki is made as simple as possible but hopefully also effective enough for discussion and Q&A. In general, postings go to one of the four sections below. The Announcements is basically used for reminding students of the class schedule and homework due dates. The on Administration is where you put questions about class administration, for instance, about grading criteria. The other two sections are the places for technical discussions. All the specific questions and issues about the assignments go to on Assignments. The other general questions and comments about the course content go to on Technical Content.
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 It's been noticed that last night someone used the machine for an enormous amount of time causing other people had to wait overnight until they could start their tests. Since our resources are limited and shared, please be considerate and take good control of the time when you are about to launch any testing.

-- TongxinBai 1 Feb 2008

Minor question: When it says, "have each thread run a loop in which it repeatedly enqueues data to, or dequeues from (with 50-50 probability), a shared queue", does that mean that each thread should (for every iteration) flip a coin and decide whether to enqueue/dequeue this time, or should there be a 50% chance on spawning each thread that it is either an always-enqueue or always-dequeue thread? I wasn't sure how to read that "50-50". Thanks.

-- PaulArdis 5 Feb 2008


on Technical Content

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