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This page is for URCS department graphics such as our (various) logos and banners that people can use for their webpages, slides, and posters.

Any graphics that would be helpful to others can be attached to this page using the paperclip ("Manage Attachments") button when editing.

-- JonathanGordon - 2010-12-04

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="hajim-transparent.png" attr="" comment="Hajim Logo (Transparent)" date="1291495916" name="hajim-transparent.png" path="hajim-transparent.png" size="20672" user="JonathanGordon" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="urcs-banner-transparent.png" attr="" comment="URCS Banner (Transparent)" date="1291496057" name="urcs-banner-transparent.png" path="urcs-banner-transparent.png" size="53966" user="JonathanGordon" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="urcs-transparent.png" attr="" comment="URCS Web Logo (Transparent)" date="1291496100" name="urcs-transparent.png" path="urcs-transparent.png" size="35265" user="JonathanGordon" version="1"
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