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Revision 32008-01-24 - ChenDing

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META TOPICPARENT name="CompilerRepository"
The executables are at /p/compiler/built/gcc-4.0.1/
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 mkdir gcc cd gcc svn co file:///p/compiler/repos/gcc-4.0.1/trunk gcc-4.0.1
// if outside firewall, use // svn co svn+ssh://usr_id@server_name.cs.rochester.edu/p/compiler/repos/gcc-4.0.1/trunk gcc-4.0.1
 mkdir obj cd obj ../gcc-4.0.1/configure --prefix=INSTALL_DIR
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 Installation parameters are described here. Compiling the compiler took 14 minutes on node14 (14 Jan 08).

The ready-made executables are at /p/compiler/built/gcc-4.0.1/. \ No newline at end of file

If you are not familiar with subversion, take a look at the VersionStuff page.
 \ No newline at end of file
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