Difference: GccVersion4_1_0 (8 vs. 9)

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META TOPICPARENT name="CompilerRepository"


See Gcc-4.0.1 notes on installation.


Function cloning

Files changed (not all of them due to cloning):
U    gcc/flags.h
U    gcc/cgraph.c
U    gcc/tree-pass.h
U    gcc/cgraphunit.c
U    gcc/dominance.c
U    gcc/opts.c
U    gcc/c-decl.c
U    gcc/bop-dep-prof.c
A    gcc/fastrack-profile.c
A    gcc/fastrack-profile.h
U    gcc/common.opt
U    gcc/bop-inst.c
U    gcc/tree-optimize.c
U    gcc/bop-inst.h
A    gcc/ft-clone.c
A    gcc/ft-clone.h
U    gcc/main.c
U    gcc/tree-cfg.c
U    gcc/passes.c

Parallelism profiling

-- TongxinBai 1/14/2007
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