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What should we buy?

If you are a grad student, you've seen the message that we've got an opportunity to upgrade some equipment and software. Please put your suggestions on this page:
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  • Another copying machine that can handle transparencies

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Here are a few more I've received over email
  • Two years ago, I had a list of things that I thought we should get, including CD burners, a new color printer, and a scanner. So far as I know, Dali was the only one that we actually got.
  • You might consider going after more whiteboards for the lab and/or places in the halls, though this isn't really the right pot of money. One or two more Windows boxen for running MSOffice would probably be helpful to some.
  • If they're securable, microphones and/or headphones for the various lab computers might be an interesting option.
  • Also, replacing monitors in the labs with LCD flatscreens could be nice.
  • I would like to have more disk space, like Ben suggested.
  • I would like to put forth suggestion to buy a set of new server blades. Currently an AMD Opteron blade is of the order of 1000$. So I guess we can put in about 15 blades to start of, if we have that kind of money. Would be useful for the future.
  • It would also be great if the dept can afford a few macbook pros for general use.
  • We also probably need a new fancy projector, and replace all mouses with hopefully wireless or optical ones..

-- MichaelSpear - 30 Mar 2006

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