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Linux Changes, July 2006

This page is for sharing information regarding the Fedora 5 upgrade during summer 2006.


Post Upgrade Issues and Comments

pine folder creation

Seems that pine creates new folders in mbx format rather than simple mbox format. It reads and uses mbox format folders fine, but if asked to create a new folder it uses mbx. There is no trouble if you are a pine only user but the dovecot imap service cannot read mbx format files and accessing one will fail with an unknown format error. So far, I cannot find a way to tell pine to create folders in simple mbox format. If someone knows how, I'd be very interested in hearing about it.
If you access email via both pine and imap you should only create new folders via imap until I can find a solution for this. If you use imap connectivity in pine (rather than the NFS mounted mail spool) this is probably not an issue.

-- DaveCostello - 19 Sep 2006


Test machines

There are currently 2 designated test machines. A regular office workstation is available (f5beta1) and a computational sensor style machine (f5beta2).

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