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Linux Changes, July 2006

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  -- DaveCostello - 02 Oct 2006

Steps to change the pine sent-mail box to mbox format if you allow pine to move the sent-mail folder to sent-mail-month at the end of the month

At the end of the month Pine offers to move your sent-mail
box to sent-mail-month and then creates a new sent-mail box.

Problem is it creates it in mbx format which dovecot imap can't read and write to.
If you also access your email from an imap reader and save sent messages to the same sent-mail folder it will fail trying to append to the mbx formatted file.

To change the sent-mail folder from mbx format to mbox format :

open pine.

L folders

A add a new folder


move to sent-mail
D delete

move to sent-mail.mbox
R rename

-- DaveCostello - 01 Dec 2006


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