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Linux Changes, July 2006

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 current desktop settings when logging back in later on a fedora 3 machine. I have only performed a quick test on an account that did not have a significantly customized desktop, but things seem cross compatible. I would avoid making custom changes to the fc5 version before the actual rollout though. You will notice a Link to Old Desktop icon added. Gnome test was pretty uneventful but the first fc5 KDE login hesitated for a minute or two during "init system services" and then complained about a SIGSEGV signal 11. Logging out and back in again, with a KDE session, the problem went away so it appeared to be a one time personal config update issue.
-- DaveCostello - 11 Jul 2006

=sort and tail

Actually, you don't need the '+' on the numeric field with the new style of arguments.
sort -k 2 will sort on the second field. (So will sort -k +2.)
tail -n 5 will output the last 5 lines. tail -n +5 will output beginning with line 5.
-- MichaelScott - 14 Aug 2006
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