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Linux Changes, July 2006

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 Our fedora 5 workstation installation will contain a new sendmail client configuration as part of the continuing department email infrastructure upgrade process. This should be completely transparent to users. I announce this here simply to notify users that if they notice a problem or unexpected email behavior when sending email from a fedora 5 workstation it should be reported to labstaff so it can be addressed promptly. The configuration has now been installed on the two beta machines for testing before deployment. note: If your email client does not automatically append a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) to email addresses before sending mail you should consider updating your local aliases to include them ('somebody@somewhere.com' rather that just 'somebody'). In most cases the sendmail service will attempt to figure it out for you when mailing to local addresses but it is better practice to explicitly provide it.
-- DaveCostello - 14 Aug 2006

VNC Server setup

If you run a window manager under VNC Server, you might experience trouble starting it up (as I did). This is because X11R7 / Fedora 5 shifts around the directory structure a bit. The fix involves manually specifying the location of the fonts (previously in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts and now in /usr/share/X11/fonts) and the color table (now also in /usr/share/X11). The vncserver wrapper script for the Xvnc server has commented lines to do this; see /u/post/r/bin/vncserver (lines 154 and 155) for the appropriate adjustments, or just use that script directly. Until I did this, windowmaker crashed repeatedly on startup.

-- MattPost - 30 Aug 2006

gcc output encoding

GCC now encodes its output as non-ASCII text, so you need to set your language environment to be able to read it. As suggested by the first Google hit for {gcc unicode}, this can be done by setting your LC_ALL environment variable to "C".

-- MattPost - 30 Aug 2006


Pre-deployment Testing and Observations

gcc version changes

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