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Linux Changes, Summer 2007

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f7 desktop issues and new features (gnome 2.18 / kde 3.5.6)

KDE Screen Lock Timeout
A couple of KDE users have asked how to increase the timeout for screen lockout. Here's what to do:
Open KDE Control center
   Appearance and Themes -> Screensaver
Here you can configure options about your screensaver. You can configure the timeout before it starts, and whether it requires a password to unlock the screen.

-- DaveCostello - 17 Aug 2007

 Liberation Fonts
F7 includes a set of fonts called "Liberation." These fonts are metric equivalents to some common proprietary true-type fonts. A quick peek seems to indicate they are replacements for Mono, Sans, and Serif. Red Hat is advertising " users will find better cross-platform viewing and printing support for a variety of documents "
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