Difference: PeanutButterTortoise (34 vs. 35)

Revision 352008-04-13 - StanPark

Line: 1 to 1
Line: 80 to 80

Time open: 800PM

Developers: Chetan, Stan


  • Merge code

Change log:

  • Merged branches in merge_output()
  • Merged Chetan's rem_red_code() pass. Currently not working.

Open issues:

  • rem_red_code() doesn't alter the CFG as expected.
  • num_uses now returns incorrect value. For Chetan's value numbering, the use_stmt must have exactly one parent with exactly one use for the propagation to be correct. Modify num_uses to return this information. Possibly add a function num_parents.

Time close: 1000PM

  •  Time open: 350PM

    Developers: Stan

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