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Phone Stuff

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  Again, I believe it is not possible to setup a conference call where multiple parties can call in themselves (without using a service like ReadyConference.

Outgoing Caller ID

Using the ANI feature on the University telephone system: When dialing a number external to the University, begin the dial sequence with a star ( * ). This will send your individual telephone number to the business or person that you are calling. An example: If your University extension is x51234, using the ANI feature, the number that the called party will see is 585-275-1234.

 -- GeorgeFerguson - 08 Jul 2005

-- GeorgeFerguson - 13 Sep 2005: Added conference room phone info.

-- GeorgeFerguson - 21 Sep 2005: Added conference room speakerphone info.

-- GeorgeFerguson - 02 Jan 2007: Added ANI feature info
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