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 Deadline: 11:59pm Feb 11, 2008.

Part 2: Artificial Transformation (10%)


Part 2: Weird Control Flow (10%)

  • Reverse all printf, scanf, and __builtin_puts statements in a basic block. If there are k such statements in a basic block, the first statement will be switched with the last statement, the second statement will be switched with the (k-1)th statement, and so on. At a function call such as scanf and printf, Gcc copies the arguments to a temporary variable. For the project, you need to move these copy statements with the call.
  • If the statement is a conditional branch in the form of if cond goto L1; else goto L2, interchange the two branches to if cond goto L2; else goto L1. Alternatively, you can change it to if (not cond) goto L1; else goto L2.
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