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META TOPICPARENT name="SoftwareStuff"
If you decide to install shared software for the department, please look over the current guidelines for doing so.
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  Software currently installed in /usr/grads (likely incomplete):
Firefox 2.0 2006-10-24 post a web browser!
Pidgin 2.0.0 2007-5-7 kelsey Mutiprotocol IM client (previously GAIM)
keychain 2005-10-10 kelsey ssh-agent support
maxima 5.10.0 2006-11-22 gildea Free mathematica/maple clone.
R 2.3.1 2006-09-21 post  
Emacs 2006-09-07 vandurme head from cvs, binary is named emacs22  
Emacs Speaks Statistics 5.2.11 2005-12-15 post how to use this
vsound 0.5 2005-02-16 vandurme virtual audio loopback
Firefox2.02006-10-24posta web browser!
Pidgin2.0.02007-5-7kelseyMutiprotocol IM client (previously GAIM)
=keychain= support
Emacs22.0.50.12006-09-07vandurmehead from cvs, binary is named emacs22
=vsound=0.52005-02-16vandurmevirtual audio loopback


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