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Using TeX, LaTeX, etc.

  • Chinese Fonts: For instructions on using the CJK latex package, see file:///u/gildea/tex/examples/README. Another approach is to use xetex, which is installed on department fedora 9 machines.
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="urcsstyles.pdf" attr="" comment="Departmental Styles for LaTeX" date="1147717493" name="urcsstyles.pdf" path="urcsstyles.pdf" size="100022" stream="urcsstyles.pdf" user="Main.DanGildea" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="guide.pdf" attr="" comment="Departmental Styles for LaTeX" date="1176167630" name="guide.pdf" path="guide.pdf" size="292238" stream="guide.pdf" tmpFilename="/tmp/GyJv3KyUXt" user="Main.DanGildea" version="3"
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