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Using TeX, LaTeX, etc.

-- DanGildea - 20 Jun 2005
Some Tips:
  • Use BibTeX. It will make sure the bibliography contains exactly the papers cited in the text, and will save time as you reuse bibliographic entries. Make sure there is an "and" between each pairs of authors in the bibtex entry - commas are interpreted as one person's name in Last, First format.
  • If you have a choice of bibliography style, use a style like "fullname.sty" that includes the authors' names in the citation text, so the reader doesn't have to keep flipping to the bibliography to see who [57] or [AKS03] is.
  • If you use the author's names in a sentence, use \namecite instead of \cite. This gives you something like "In a different approach, Spongebob (2005) proves that partial-order planning is NP-complete".
  • Don't use bitmapped fonts. Use "pdflatex" or regular latex and "dvips -G0 -P pdf" to avoid them.
  • Use a Makefile, to avoid typing latex, bibtex, latex, dvips, etc over and over. Here's a sample Makefile.

-- DanGildea - 24 Apr 2006

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