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Version Control Software

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  This will prompt you for your password, and then get a copy of the repository. From here on out, every time you interact with the repository, you don't need to say the whole svn+ssh part (Subversion will remember that for you), but you'll be prompted for a password.

Aggregating repositories using svn externals

You may have multiple svn repositories, for example, one for each paper you have written. They may share some common module, for example, the bibliography files. You can create a svn module named bib and include it in your modules by setting the svn external property.

svn propedit svn:externals _paper_dir

When the editor opens the property file, type the following line

bib _bib_repository_path_

Use svn+ssh (see Tunneling) for remote directories. You can link in basically any svn repository you have access to, including those on the Internet. If you want to use the bib files shared by the compiler group, the path is /p/compiler/writing/repos/bib/trunk.


Is it really that simple?

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