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---+!! Welcome to the URCS Main web Welcome to the Wiki of the [[http://www.rochester.edu][University of Rochester]] [[http://www.cs.rochester.edu][Department of Computer Science]]. This site is an open collaborative environment for sharing and linking information among members of the URCS community. Once you have registered, you are free to add new topics or edit existing ones. *What Am I Looking At?* On the left you will see a list of main topics for this web, together with some links to useful tools. You should be able to find what you're looking for by starting with one of these. Across the top of any page, there are links for editing the page, together with information about the current version. This information is repeated with additional options at the bottom of the page. In the box labelled "Jump", you can type any topic name. If the topic exists, you will be taken to it, otherwise you will be offered the option of creating it. Topic names are also called TWiki.WikiWords, which are automatically hyperlinked when you put them in a document. There's also a topic index link on the left of the page. When you create a new topic, you should probably add it to one of the indexes (or sub-indexes) by editing that page. ---++ Main Web Utilities * [[TWiki.SiteMap][SiteMap]] - site map listing all URCS webs * [[TWiki.WelcomeGuest][WelcomeGuest]] - for first time visitors * [[TWiki.TWikiRegistration][Registration]] - become a URCS user * [[TWikiUsers]] - list of users of this URCS site * [[TWikiGroups]] - list of groups used for access control * [[WebSearch]] - simple search * [[WebSearchAdvanced]] - advanced search * [[WebTopicList]] - all topics in alphabetical order * [[WebChanges]] - recent topic changes in this web * [[WebNotify]] - subscribe to an e-mail alert sent when topics change * [[WebRss]], [[WebAtom]] - RSS and ATOM news feeds of topic changes * [[WebStatistics]] - listing popular topics and top contributors * [[WebTopMenu]] - top menu definition * [[WebPreferences]] - preferences of this web