CSC 290A, Spring 2009: Example programs

This page holds example programs, to give you an idea of the course context.

Source code: The source code is currently under svn and can be checked out from /p/compiler/repos/dingweb. The programs are written in Ruby.

Show IP address

shows the IP address of the client computer.
  • The program has 15 lines of code.

Web-based hashtable

  • allows anyone to insert key and value pairs from one computer and retrieve them from any other computer. The usage is as follows
    • to insert:
    • to query:
  • The program has 159 lines of code. The core is about 40 lines, and the rest is producing timing information such as the date/time of the insertion and the oldest entry in the table.
  • The table has a maximal size. Oldest entries are removed if the table becomes too large. Don't store anything that you cannot afford to lose!

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