CSC 290A, Spring 2009: Homework

The following page lists the homework, written or programming assignments, for the Spring 2009 class. The homework is listed by due-date order : newest should be on top.


  • Submit your example and solution code through the CS department wiki by creating a new page.
  • Your solution page should be changable by only you and viewable by you, KonstantinosMenychtas, and ChenDing.
  • A few hints/guidelines that you should follow, can be found in the Wiki-related hints page.

Homework 1: Extensible Design NEW

A common software problem is to develop a set of tools operating on a collection of data. The goal of extensible design is to structure the system so that new tools and new data types can be added without changing the code for existing tools and data types.

In this assignment, you are asked to come up with an example programming problem and demonstrate an extensible design on the example problem. The specific requirements are

  • the problem should involve data with recursive data types
  • the existing solution should have at least one data type and one tool
  • the addition should include at least one new data type and one new tool

The design will be evaluated not only in terms of correctness but also the brevity and clarity of your program. You are encouraged to use this exercise as a way to evaluate the object-oriented features of your favorite languages and maybe discover a better alternative.

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