CSB 703

GeorgeFerguson - 1 Jun 2006

We have installed a dedicated computer in the AV cabinet in CSB703. This is an Intel Mac Mini that dual-boots to run either OSX or Windows XP. Per the (new) instructions, to switch operating system, just restart the machine and make your choice from the boot loader.

The mouse and keyboard should reach the conference table. The keyboard has an additional USB slot that can be used for a flash drive. You can also access the Department file servers by authenticating via Samba.

I have updated the instructions to emphasize the need to turn off the entire system when you're done, not just the projector. It's very simple--just follow the pictures.

GeorgeFerguson - 27 Apr 2006

Some of you may have already noticed the changes in CSB703. I wanted to give you an update on behalf of everyone who has been working on this project.

First, ITS has installed a new ceiling-mounted projector and screen. The accompanying gear lives in a new cabinet next to the wall (you should never have to touch any of the gear, including the projector itself). The touchscreen controller sits on top of the cabinet. The very simple instructions for using the system are posted on the wall next to the cabinet. (For those of you unwilling or unable to read as far as item (4), I will tell you that the VGA cable for your laptop lives in the right-hand cabinet).

Bottom line: No more need to checkout a projector for giving talks in 703.

Second, we have replaced one of the two chalkboards with another whiteboard. I have installed a Mimio Xi capture unit on the new board (it didn't work with the older whiteboard, and may require that the fluorescent lights be off). This works with standard dry-erase pens in special holders, which are on top of the cabinet. There is a special eraser in a holder on the board. I have installed the Mimio software on the dept. mac laptop. If you like, you can install it on your own machine by downloading it from mimio.com.

Bottom line: If you don't use the special pens and eraser, the unit won't record anything, regardless of whether it's connected to a computer.

Third, we will soon be installing a computer in the AV cabinet. This should obviate the need to checkout a laptop in order to give a talk in 703, provided you can access your presentation materials via flash drive, network, etc. We will put the mimio software on this machine for people to use.

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