This page lists the committees within the CS department, along with their duties and the members for the current 2006-2007 academic year.


Each grad student performs three main tasks in support of the admissions process, providing relevant feedback from each:
  • review applications
  • participate in face-to-face interviews during applicant weekend
  • participate in phone interviews with foreign candidates.
This committee is open to students who have completed their first year. It requires very little to none of your time in the fall, but is very time-consuming in the spring. Members of this committee are not listed here.


Maintain reasonable lab maintenance schedule, especially just prior to faculty/student candidate visits. This assignment takes very little time; ten minutes of picking up a week is probably sufficient to keep things looking nicely.

Current Members:

  • Fabrizio Morbini (czar)
  • Chetan Bhole

Previous Members:


Each grad student reviews the comprehensive questions from multiple areas and provides feedback on difficulty and relevance. This committee is available to anyone who has passed all of their comprehensive exams.

Faculty members

  • Lane Hemaspaandra (chair)
  • Chris Brown
  • Chen Ding
  • Dan Gildea

Current members

  • Ashwin Lall (czar)
  • Satyaki Mahalanabis
  • Hemayat Hossain
  • Hao Zhang

Previous Members:


Identify and discuss issues involved with undergraduate curriculum.

Faculty members

  • Ted Pawlicki (chair)
  • Chris Brown
  • Chen Ding
  • Lane Hemaspaandra
  • Len Schubert

Current Members

  • Piotr Faliszewski (czar)
  • Daphne Liu
  • Phil Michalak
  • Ben Van Durme

Previous Members:


  • Attend GOG meetings.
  • Optionally participate in a GOG committee.
  • Distribute GOG publications (work with staff on this).
  • Communicate with University on behalf of CS graduates.

Previous Member: Carlos Gomez


Acts as a liason between the graduate students and faculty. Attends faculty meetings and provides relevant feedback to graduate students. This is an elected position, the election for which takes place at the end of the summer. Any student who has successfully defended their thesis proposal is eligible to be the graduate representative.

Current rep: Matt Post

Old rep: Kirk Kelsey


Attend lab committee meetings and provide feedback to student body. Act as liaison to staff for grad concerns regarding hardware/software. Oversee the use of the shared /usr/grads/ file space and policies for its use.

Faculty member

  • Kai Shen (chair)
  • George Ferguson
  • Dan Gildea
  • Chris Pal
  • Randal Nelson

Current Members

  • Michael Spear
  • Kirk Kelsey

Previous Members:


Place pictures of new students/faculty/staff on the photo board, and remove photos of people who are no longer part of the department. This is basically a one-time job which should be completed as early as possible in the fall semester, preferably by the time the state of the department talk is given. It should take no more than a few hours to complete.

Current Member: Chetan Bhole

Previous Member: Mehdi Manshadi


Faculty members

  • Henry Kautz (chair)
  • Sandhya Dwarkadas
  • Randal Nelson

Current Members:

  • Matt Post (czar)
  • Naushad UzZaman
  • Tivadar Papai

Previous Members:


Coordinates the five kitchen/lounge related committees below.

Current Members: Luke Dalessandro

Previous Member: Matt Post


  • Make sure that the recycling bins do not fill to overflowing.
  • Return the refundable recyclables for a refund and properly dispose of non-refundable recyclables.
  • The small bins have non-refundable items which can be put out in the blue recycling bins to be collected by your disposal company.
  • This assignment takes an hour or so every three or four weeks.

Current Members:

  • Nick Morsillo
  • Chuangpeng Li

Previous Members:


  • Remove food that has been in the refrigerator for too long.
  • Clean refrigerator shelves on some reasonable schedule or in the case of leaking containers.
  • Defines and enforces a labeling scheme for anything refrigerated.
  • The refrigerator should be cleaned once a month, and takes about a half an hour.

Current Members:

  • Satyaki Mahalanabis (czar)
  • Rongrong Zhong
  • Kostas Menychtas
  • Xiaoming Gu
  • Yi Chu
  • Bin Bao

Previous Members:


  • Check the lounge stock status regularly (once for week).
  • Restock when necessary taking care of maintaining an inventory and tracking the expenses.
  • Maintain the lounge machine (configuration, patches, etc.)
  • Provide food for and clean after happy hour.
  • Periodically ask for feedback from the lounge users to renew the items available and/or improve the service.
  • Keep in order the shelves and the refrigerator in the lounge.
  • This job takes about two hours every few weeks.

Current Members:

  • Luke Dalessandro (czar)
  • Arrvindh Shriraman
  • Stan Park

Previous Members:


  • General maintenance of lounge appearance.
  • Clean beforer faculty/student candidate visits or grad meetings with visiting speakers.
  • "Prune" the magazine collection (keeping only the most recent issues of each).
  • Not responsible for cleaning before/after happy hour or receptions.

Current Members:

  • Kirk Kelsey (czar)
  • Jonathan Gordon

Previous Members:


General maintenance of kitchen appearance: including but not limited to periodically cleaning the counters and microwave ovens. The custodial staff only cleans the floors and empties the trash, so anything else you see you should clean. Its especially important to clean before and after faculty/student candidate visits.

Current Members:

  • Ding Liu (czar)
  • Tagyoung Chung
  • Tongxin Bai
  • Qi Ge

Previous Member: Qi Ge


  • Maintain the new student transition webpage(s).
  • Contact new students and welcome them to the area.
  • Pick out of town students w/o vehicle up from airport upon arrival, transport them to their housing arrangments.
  • Provide information about everyday living (housing, banking, public transportation), all the things you would have liked to know your first week in Rochester.

Current Members:

  • Ross Messing
  • Virendre Marathe

Previous Members:


The responsibilities of the web committee are to:
  • Maintain/update/administer department homepage.
  • Organize the department wiki and publish guidelines about its organization.
  • Maintain other high-level department webpages not managed by other committees.
  • Maintain department website structure/framework/look.
  • "Czar" maintains research page, users page and subway map.
  • Referee web page ownership.
  • Consider web server configuration issues.

Faculty members

  • George Ferguson
  • Henry Kautz
  • Daniel Stefankovic

Current Members

  • Sam Zhao (czar)
  • Fabrizio Morbini
  • Amal Fahad
  • Jonathan Gordon

Previous Members:

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