Group Meeting 3 (4/13/09)

-Most of the code is working and our numbers are still low enough to put us in about second place.

-Fix known bugs
-Explore for hidden bugs
-Remove our 'cheats'
-Dave: Maybe finish SSA?
-Xiaoya: optimize compiler for jacobi, fibonacci, and sort

Test Results (as of version 58):

Test Filename Count
automaton 68
binrep 70
fibonacci 2
jacobi 2
mandel 5230263
moving edge 1238
multiply 9
sort 2
sort_insertion 2060
tax 99
trivia 42

Group Meeting 2 (4/6/09)

Progress and Goals:
-fixed global value numbering
- value propagation with type checking
- control dependence for dead code
- better the dead code elimination

-loop-invairant code
-jacobi efficiency
-get global variables in the main function

-finished unrolling non-nested loops
-goal: finish loop unrolling

-fix wiki page
-test and report

Weekly Update for 4/03/09

-setup IRC and SVN
-committed existing code and testing scripts
-started on loop unrolling

-working on ssa form
-added phi function locator
-need to add renaming and code motion for gvn

-setup ruby pass before gcc pass
-working on inlining in ruby

-turned in her gcc code and test cases
-ran tests

Test Results:

Test Filename Count
automaton 114
binrep 78
fibonacci 1098
jacobi 13341730
mandel 6477411
moving edge 1355
multiply 400
sort 10176
sort_insertion 2942
tax 173
trivia 64

Group Meeting 1 (3/30/09)

Although slightly delayed by conferences, we met and decided on to following:
- decided on gcc and Ruby track combined
- group name: /* */
- roles for each person in the group, which are as follows:
- Dave: architect/developer, gcc guru
- Katie: documentation/reporting
- Kyle: developer/architect, gcc guru
- Xiaoya: Team Lead, application study
- All: testers (Dave and Kyle test during creation of new code, while Katie and Xiaoya test after)
- decided to build/use svn repository
- decided to use IRC built by Kyle to communicate
- decided to start with optimizations already constructed and work from there

Task List:
- check in gcc code from previous projects
- compile all gcc code from previous projects

- check in gcc code from previous projects
- set up TWiki page for group and send Bin an email with link
- test compiled gcc code for first post on TWiki

- set up svn repository for code
- check in gcc code from previous projects
- look into loop unrolling

- look into other 'easy' optimizations that could be implemented

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