Parallelism profiling

-- TongxinBai 1/14/2007
  • Usage:
    • use -O3 optimization option to enable the profiling support
    • use -ftrace-dep option to turn on the dependence trace profiling
    • after compilation with the above gcc options, the application has to be linked against a specific profiling tool so that the instrumentation functions get defined.
    • the example profiling tools could be checked out from "/p/compiler/repos/tools"
  • Source code
    • new files : bop-dep-prof.c bop-dep-prof.h

Trimming the package

The initial directory has 256MB. I have removed the following:

  • in libstdc++-v3
    • removed doc and testsuites
  • in gcc
    • removed ChangeLog*
    • removed doc
    • in po, removed *.po and *.pmo
    • in config, removed largest files/dirs except for i386 and sh

The new directory has 166MB. The compilation is fine until it tries to produce the man page directory.

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