What should we buy?

If you are a grad student, you've seen the message that we've got an opportunity to upgrade some equipment and software. Please put your suggestions on this page:

Here are the recommendations so far (feel free to add yours to the end of the list):

  • The machines in the labs and offices seem pretty decent, but the monitors are terrible. I think we should upgrade everything to LCDs.
  • We only have one Windows domain server right now. I think we need another one so that people can set up their laptops more easily.
  • We need more laptops for when students go to conferences.
  • We need more disk space in NFS

-- MichaelSpear - 28 Mar 2006

LCDs in the offices > laptops > all else

I think the disk space issue would not be as much a problem if we each had our own quota, which was fairly partitioned across users.

-- BenjaminVanDurme - 28 Mar 2006

  • One more projector + laptop

-- GirtsFolkmanis - 28 Mar 2006

I really like the idea of having LCDs in the lab. I'm less interested in more laptops, since I never use them. Another projector might not be really necessary since there will soon be one permanently mounted in 703 (apparently). I would also like to have a new mail server, but maybe that's not what the labcomm budget is for...

Other thoughts for the lab, in case the money doesn't just have to go toward equipment and software:

  • a large (as large as possible) whiteboard to go next to the big table in the lab (we have been told that we can get this) -- it'd be nice to have one as big as the ones in 703, or even bigger if possible.
  • maybe some more updated AND FRAMED posters and pictures to go around the lab, to make it look a little nicer
  • some nice wall clocks so you don't have to run to a computer to find out whether you're late for a meeting. It would be nice to position them so that no matter where you're sitting you can see one (this should be doable with two or three).

-- MattPost - 28 Mar 2006

1.We should certainly get more disk space (Very serious)
2. if possible, we might want to replace the old style office CRT monitors with the LCD ones (very serious)
3.please buy me a piano, and a baseball bat to beat the crap out of the rats in my apartment. (not so serious, but please consider)

-- ManuChhabra - 28 Mar 2006

I've gotten some feedback via email that I thought I would post here (names witheld to protect the wiki-phobic)

  • more whiteboards for the lab (727). This is something that we've talked the administrative staff about, and its in the pipe. This pot of money is actually geared for computing infrastructure, rather than office supply (or whatever) purchases, but I wanted to let people know we're working on it (and coat-racks)
  • microphones / headphones for the lab machines
  • CD-burners. The a## machines have them, but the capitols don't. Let us know if this is a priority.
  • more machines to run MS Office.

FYI - we have a new scanner in 727.

-- KirkKelsey - 28 Mar 2006

  • If considering CD-burners, probably DVD-burners would be better (but I guess that's what Kirk meant anyway)
  • A projector would certainly be good. At least a couple of times we had talks where an invited speaker or one of us had a presentation crashed because colors did not show up. As for the projector that is to be installed in 703: It is not our only class room... and it is not there yet smile
  • shake has recently been a good printer to us, but if we could get one that is faster/more reliable then that could be useful.

-- PiotrFaliszewski - 29 Mar 2006

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