URCS March Mustache Madness

From: MichaelSpear
Date: February 7, 2006 10:19:38 AM EST

It's time to start thinking about the second annual URCS March Mustache Madness celebration. Rather than dive right into the details of what March Mustache Madness is and why it matters, here are a few inspirational haikus:

Black, Brown, Yellow, Red
Adorn my smile, crown my lip
March Mustache Madness

Winter passes by
Beards, like snow, receed to show
a handsome mustache

Mustache on my face
Why? Why not! It's March, and so
I wear a mustache

Now that you're inspired, here are the details:


March mustache madness is a tradition at the University of Rochester Department of Computer Science. Its name is based on both the intrinsic alliteration of the words "March" and "Mustache", and the popularity of the annual NCAA basketball tournament.


The motivation to grow a mustache comes from within. If you cannot find motivation, email this group, and someone will reply with motivation. If you do not want the entire group to know about your inner quest to find motivation, you can email me in private, and I will send you a list of possible motives for growing a mustache.


The only rule is that you must show up on March 1st with a "free standing mustache." A free standing mustache is one that is independent of both sideburns and chin hair. This is not to say that your mustache cannot be accompanied by sideburns and chin hair, just that it must stand separate from these features (religious exceptions are permitted). You may shave your mustache as early as March 2nd, and may simply go ungroomed through February. A "one day" mustache is perfectly acceptable.


"Artificial" mustaches will be provided for those women wishing to participate.


To commemorate the occasion, photographs were taken on March 1st. Here is a group photo of the brave moustache-wearing people.


-- GirtsFolkmanis - 06 Mar 2006


For additional inspiration: http://www.worldbeardchampionships.com/

-- GeorgeFerguson - 07 Feb 2006

a steady mantra
when formulas seem daunting
P? NP? mustache!

-- DanGildea - 07 Feb 2006

live by the blade, die
put it down and hold my hand
wisdom on our face
dark grows on my face
soon form will spring from shadow
life drunk to the lees
spent all night typing
tired, paper is crap but
i have a mustache

-- MattPost - 07 Feb 2006

Beard, goatee, moustache
Dewy lips, fragrant petals
Ticklish memories

-- ChrisBrown - 07 Feb 2006

scratchy hair on lip
"I will not kiss you" she says
madness? i agree

-- BenjaminVanDurme - 08 Feb 2006

'till death do us part
was the deal. I am alive.
the mustache remains.

-- MichaelSpear - 08 Feb 2006

I'll sleep on the couch
until the first of March comes.
Mustache must be grown.

-- GirtsFolkmanis - 08 Feb 2006

Life is a mustache.
Itchy, sneezy, frustrating.
But worth the hassle.
Lord of the Rings Madness

My preeeecious, it is.
They envies it! I know it.
The One True Mustache.

A Shakespearean Lament

A plague upon me!
Woe, that I could be stricken!
I cannot grow one!

From my parents:

Our son's in grad school.
What does he do with his time?
He grows a mustache!

My response:

You write a haiku
To scold your hard-working son
But still I grow it!

-- PaulArdis - 13 Feb 2006

So what? I'm a girl.
Fake Mustache Madness, is it?
Not shy to show it.

-- Tanushree - 08 Feb 2006

Bizarre friends I have
want me to ignore my wife
and grow a mustache.

If one, he looks weird.
If ten, then people wonder.
If all, then it's March.

-- JonathanShaw - 08 Feb 2006

a poem.
'Ode to the mustache madness'

through the winter it restlessly snows,
through the winter my mustache grows,
when comes march the snow will go.
the mustache madness will not go.

Handlebar mustache I will grow,
and impress all who I know,
to wax my mustache I will know,
coz in march the wind does blow.

-- ManuChhabra - 08 Feb 2006

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