O365 Email Migration FAQ


When will my email be converted to O365? You will be notified several days in advance. It is expected most accounts will be converted by January 2016.
How do I access my O365 accounts? You can access the O365 environment through a web browser by connecting to http://owa.ur.rochester.edu. Login using your A/D (Active Directory) Credentials. These are often the same as your NetID credentials. If you're unsure of your A/D credentials, please visit http://myidentity.rochester.edu. You may also configure thunderbird, Apple Mail or other imap compatible applications to access the O365 environment. To configure your imap client please refer to the university documentation (see below).
Will my forwards be carried over? Forwards will not be automatically carried over to the new O365 environment. To set up forwarding in the O365 environment connect via OWA webmail to O365, and select the "gear" button in the upper right corner, select "options". Under the account menu select "Forwarding". Select "start forwarding" and enter the address you wish mail to be forwarded to. You are only allowed to enter one address.
Where can I find documentation about how to use O365? The university provided documentation is available at http://tech.rochester.edu/services/office-365/.
Will I have access to my mail during the conversion? You will have access to your O365 mailbox during the migration process. You may send and receive O365 email during the migration process. You will not have access via IMAP to your CS inbox during the migration of your messages and attempting to use your email box via a NFS client during the migration could cause box corruption. We don't anticipate most migrations periods to be ecessively long but if your mail store is very large and it is anticipated that migration could be slow, arrangements can be made to get you a temporary password that will allow you IMAP access to your CS mailbox as well as your O365 box while the migration is running. After the migration is complete all incoming email will be delivered to the O365 inbox.
How long does he conversion process take? The length of the conversion process varies depending on how large the mail store for each individual user is. A smaller mail store will move much more quickly than a large store. The conversion will copy your inbox as well as any valid mbox file located in the mail folder of your home directory. Smaller mail stores will move in a matter of minutes - larger mail stores may take multiple days to move.
Can I forward my mail from O365 to the CS mail server? Following the conversion, do not configure O365 to forward your mail to the CS mail server (ie username@cs.rochester.edu). This will create a mail loop and your mail will not be delivered.
O365 uses my username_@_ur.rochester.edu address in the From: header of email I send out instead of username_@_cs.rochester.edu. How can I send using my _@_cs address in the From: header? This is a temporary problem during the transition period while users are migrating but before the CS email service is completely retired. Please see HowtoSendFromCS
How do I forward my Email to another account HowtoForwardEmail
What happened to the attachment on an email I received to my O365 Inbox? Does O365 silently discard some types of file attachments?

Yes it does. Here is a link to a list of all the file extension types O365 will drop. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Blocked-attachments-in-Outlook-3811cddc-17c3-4279-a30c-060ba0207372#__attachment_file_types

You will have better luck sharing a link to these types of files from DropBox or a similar service.

I was missing mail. Why was is it in a folder named Clutter? What is Clutter? How do I turn Clutter off? Clutter is an attempt by Microsoft to "learn" what messages in your inbox seem to be low priority. Similar to Gmail "categories". It attempts to remove low priority email from your inbox so that more important messages are 'easier' to find in the primary inbox. In practice though if you have a high volume inbox it just makes two inboxes which is the opposite of efficient. Worse most people don't know this exists. Unfortunately this 'feature' is turned on by default. You will almost certainly want to turn it off. To turn it off: Gear->Options->Mail->Automatic Processing->Clutter then UNCHECK "Separate items identified as clutter".
What is the default retention policy for my message folders? By default all messages are kept until you delete them. If you choose to set your own retention policy to have messages automatically deleted you can create a retention policy in the options and then right-click a folder to assign your policy. By default all folders and messages have a "Never delete" policy so there is no need to set a retention policy unless you want to have O365 automatically purge a folder after a set time period.
How to a setup a vacation auto-reply message?

If you are not using an Outlook mail client you have to use the OWA web mail interface. See instructions at the link below.


Where can I find the IMAP settings to connect to O365?

IMAP/SMTP settings will generally work on any platform (desktop or mobile) for mail applications that can be configured as IMAP clients.


-- Dave Costello - 2015-11-05

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