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Software George has installed for you

Miscellaneous collection of programs and tools that I have installed and occasionally update. I do this less than I used to because I spend most of my time on my OSX box these days.

In alphabetical order:

  • audacity: Free audio editor and recorder
  • autoconf: GNU Project configurator
  • automake: GNU Project makefile maker
  • cadaver: Command-line WebDAV client
  • cinelerra: Movie studio in a Linux box
  • cvs: Concurrent Versions System
  • dviselect: Extract pages from DVI files
  • Firefox: Mozilla Project web browser
  • gcc: GNU Project compiler collection
  • gtar: GNU Project archiving utility
  • Mozilla: Mozilla Project integrated suite
  • SoX: Universal sound sample translator
  • Sunbird: Mozilla Project calendar app
  • Thunderbird: Mozilla Project mail client

To use all these programs in place of the default installed versions, add /u/ferguson/bin-linux to the start of your PATH (see SettingUnixSearchPath for details).

To use only some of the programs, create $HOME/bin and add it to your PATH. Then create a symlink from there to the program(s) you want in /u/ferguson/bin-linux.

To get the manpages (if there are any), add /u/ferguson/man to your MANPATH. I also try to link relevant Info files from /u/ferguson/info if you care.

If you just have to see under the hood, everything is installed in /u/ferguson/sw, with links to relevant parts in the bin-linux and man directories.

-- GeorgeFerguson - 06 May 2005

-- GeorgeFerguson - 05 Aug 2005: Updated for FC3

Software from Matt

I installed the following programs as personal need arose, and I keep the ones I use up to date.

In alphabetical order:

  • gnuplot 4.3 (gnuplot): beta version with awesome new features!
  • graphviz 2.2 (dot, neato): the open source graph-visualization project from AT&T
  • ncftp 3.2.0 (ncftp): a good command-line ftp client
  • praat (praat): audio transcription tool
  • open: my (evolving as needed) implementation of OS X's excellent open program
  • RealPlayer (RealPlayer/realplay): Real Audio player
  • RealVNC 4.1.1 (vncviewer, vncconfig, vncpasswd, vncserver)
  • rrdtool 1.2.11 (rrdtool): the round robin database, a great graphing and logging tool
  • satz-rand 5.0: randomized SAT solver
  • strfile: reads a specially formatted file and builds a database for use by fortune.
  • zchaff: SAT solver

I use Window Maker and have also installed some handy wapps:

  • wmpinboard: post TODO notes, set alarms
  • wmnet: monitor network usage (run with wmnet -l -x 10000000)
  • wmCalClock: displays the time and date
  • wmcpuload: cpu usage
  • wmbluemem: physical memory and swap usage
  • wmint: interrupt monitor

All of these are installed under /u/post/r, which resembles the root of a file system. To use them, it will probably be easiest to append /u/post/r/bin to your PATH environment variable. Important: never put directories writeable by any user at the front of your PATH!

Software From Ben

My personal collection is stored in ~vandurme/local/, organized in a manner similar to /usr/local/.

General software:
  • lyx (semi-WSIWYG for LaTeX)
  • Windowmaker (X window manager)
  • Openbox (X window manager)
  • x2vnc (see SoftwareKVM)
  • ocaml (O'Caml programming language)
  • unison (superior alternative to rsync)
  • SBCL (derivative of CMU Lisp)
  • gaim (instant messenger client)
  • zsh (tcsh or bash replacement)
  • w3m (console based web browser)
  • xterm256 (X.org xterm compiled with extended color support)

Lisp libraries, stored in ~vandurme/local/lib/lisp:
  • asdf-install
  • cl-ppcre (perl-speed (or faster) regular expressions)
  • clsql (database integration)
  • matlisp (wrapper around BLAS and LAPACK for fast matrix manipulation)
  • NEW (Sep 15 '05): araneida (small webserver w/ broad platform support)

Emacs packages, stored in ~vandurme/local/lib/emacs[/site-lisp]:
  • jde (java IDE)
  • cedet (required by jde, amongst others)
  • ecb (window management within emacs)
  • bbdb ("Big Brother Database", advanced/automated email address book)
  • slime (interface for Lisp development)
  • vm (nice email program)
  • w3m-mode (good for browsing html documentation while developing)

My own:
  • google-soap-interface (Allegro Lisp implementation of SOAP API)
  • voted-perceptron (Lisp implementation of kernelized vp)

-- BenjaminVanDurme - 31 Aug 2005

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