Thesis Registration

This document contains the steps you need to complete all the paperwork associated with formally registering your thesis. It was originally adopted from an overview handed out to the graduate students, but has been modified to contain accumulated wisdom and experience of graduate students who have gone before you.

In general, questions should be directed to JoMarie Carpenter. If you learn something new or find something outdate, please update this document!

  1. Planning. Schedule a defense date. Check with Pat Mitchel to be sure the time slot is open, and make sure that you register your thesis well enough in advance of this date (20 non-holiday business days during the school year, 25 during the summer). Note that this date is not formalized until it is approved by the Dean.
  2. Thesis format. Before making copies of your thesis, check with Eileen Pullara, Department Administrator, to make sure you've included all appropriate acknowledgments of grant support. Also be SURE to consult the thesis preparation manual and make sure you've met all the criteria. Many of these are automatically covered if you use the department LaTeX style templates.
  3. Thesis Distribution. Give a copy of the thesis to each member of your committee. Once this is done, you should not make any further changes to the thesis until after your defense.
  4. See JoMarie to obtain a packet with the following forms:
    • Ph.D. Advisor form
    • Computer Science Department (CSD) Approval for Ph.D. Thesis Registration form
    • Appointment form for Ph.D. Final Oral Examination
    • Ph.D. Thesis Registration Committee Email address form
    • Department Statement of Completion
    • The ProQuest Information packet for Publishing Your Doctoral Dissertation
  5. Payment. At some point before the actual formal registration, you need to spend $70 at the Bursar's office for the storage of your Dissertation. This is not optional. Take pages 4, 5, and (optionally) 6 of the ProQuest packet to the Bursar. They will provide proof of payment.

    Note that you will make an additional payment to ProQuest if you choose to have them manage the copyright, or if you buy printed copies from them. If you make this additional payment, and you do so by check, make sure that the account you draw the check from will be open for at least six months. However, as noted below (step 8), the printed quality of dissertations published by ProQuest is very low and very expensive, and you might want to consider self-publishing options.
  6. Forms. Complete the Ph.D. Advisor and the CSD Approval forms, and get them signed. Complete the Appointment form and submit it, along with the copy of the thesis, to the Chair for signature. Your closed exam should be scheduled for one hour after the public presentation. Note that this form requests approval for the date; it's not confirmed until approved by the Dean.
  7. More forms. Take the following to JoMarie: (1) 1 single-side copy of your dissertation, (2) 3 copies of your title page and abstract, and (3) photocopies of the three forms. She will provide (1) a Department Statement of Completion, (2) a current Academic Advising Record, (3) a list of your committee members' email addresses, and (4) a spring-back folder in which to register your thesis.
  8. See the ProQuest Information Packet for information about publishing your dissertation. Note that copies purchased from them are very expensive and of relatively low quality; you would probably do better to submit your thesis to a site like, where copies will cost around $20, are of much higher quality, and can be ordered on demand.
  9. Registration. Take the following items to the College of Arts & Science Dean's Office (Lattimore 222):
    • one copy of your thesis in a spring-back folder
    • two copies of the title page & a version of your abstract that contains your name
    • Department Statement of Completion of Ph.D. requirements
    • Appointment form
    • Email Address form
    • Ph.D. Advisor form
    • Academic Advising Record
    • completed Doctoral Dissertation Agreement Form with receipt attached
    • (optional) certified check or money order for the copyright fee, if you elected to have ProQuest manage that for you
  10. Announcement. At least 10 days beforehand, email your abstract to Pat Mitchel so that your talk can be publicized, as required. Be sure that your committee members and the committee chair receive a copy of this.
  11. Final copies. After your defense, turn in two final corrected unbound single-spaced hard copies to Pat McLane (257-258 Wallis Hall) by the deadline; otherwise, you will need to register and pay for the following semester.

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