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CS Department Webserver Upgrade 2005 Wiki

Information related to the Hardware and Software Webserver Upgrade

Discuss Concerns or Problems

CGI programming info links

W3.org Cgi Best Practices

Apache suexec documentation

-- DaveCostello - 25 Oct 2005

Calendar Problems

Looks good, Thanks.

-- KirkKelsey - 13 Oct 2005

Okay. I believe WebDAV is now working. I did a quick test using sunbird and it seemed to publish an event okay. Please try again. Thanks for the feedback Kirk.

-- DaveCostello - 13 Oct 2005

The php generated views and directly loading the ics files works, but publishing does not. The publish mechanism is through WebDAV, so its likely a separate problem.

-- KirkKelsey - 13 Oct 2005

I think it's functional again. Can you test it again? Needed some config tweaks for the new environment.

-- DaveCostello - 13 Oct 2005

investigating... dc (moved question to problems section here at the top)

-- DaveCostello - 13 Oct 2005

It looks like the department calendar is no longer working. Also, subscriptions to and publication of calendars (e.g. through iCal) is not working. It seems that the file or directory permissions (or ownership) have changed.

-- KirkKelsey - 13 Oct 2005

Changes to be aware of


You can access your email from anywhere with a web browser via webmail.


For those of you who tried using webmail on the old server I think you'll find much improved usability and performance. You may experience a slight delay the first time you use it while your preferences and mailbox information is created for you. Subsequent connects should be much more responsive. trivia: IlohaMail (pronounced: e-lo-ha-mail) In Japanese, there's a poem that uses each letter of the phonetic alphabet (kana) exactly once, that begins with "iloha". Like the English counter-part, ABC, it is also used to mean "the beginning" or "the basics". With IlohaMail, it symbolizes ease of use and friendliness, as well as it's Japanese origins.

absolute paths in .htaccess files

The DOCROOT has changed on the new server. If you are including absoulte path information in a .htaccess file for something like the location of a personal .htpasswd file simply prepend /var/www/html/ to the /htdocs path.



-- DaveCostello - 20 Oct 2005

cgi and paths

/usr/staff is no longer needed. Applications will be found in their more traditional locations, usually /usr/bin. To ease transition there are some symlinks so that most cgi that worked on the old server will continue to work on the new server. You should inspect your cgi code for things like the following:

#!/cgi-bin/perl or #!/usr/staff/bin/perl

and change to


public_html link

Lets you run cgi via suexec for added security and privacy of scripts

disc space

Much anticipated and needed additional web disc space is now available. ( please don't abuse this shared space by serving your entire catalog of personal mp3's or something similarly inappropriate)

-- DaveCostello - 12 Oct 2005

Upgrade Information

Hardware: multiprocessor rack mounted Dell server

Software: Apache 2.0 on RedHat Enterprise Linux

-- DaveCostello - 12 Oct 2005

-- DaveCostello - 12 Oct 2005

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