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Technical Tips

  • run matlab without gui: matlab -nodesktop, then input run SCRIPT in the matlab console.
  • run SPEC CPU2006 workloads: source cshrc; runspec 462.libquantum -i test
  • redirect stdout and stderr to different files in C shell: (prog > output) >& errors
  • llvm build debug version: gmake ENABLE_OPTIMIZED=0
  • llvm control flow graph generation: llvm-as < XXX.ll | opt -analyze -view-cfg; dot -Tps2 >; ps2pdf
  • use etags to do tagging recursively: find . -name "*.[chCH]" -print | etags -
  • use screen command: screen (create a screen); ctrl+a d (detach the screen); screen -r (get a screen back)
  • check disk usage: du -h --max-depth=1
  • set SMTP server for Thunderbird: Edit -> Account Settings -> Outgoing Server (SMTP), set Server Name to, select use name and password, input your gmail address, do NOT use secure authentication, set Connection security to SSL/TLS
  • How to create an Eclipse project with existing code
  • Mercurial: The Definitive Guide
  • C++ Programming Style Guidelines
  • MPI Tutorial
  • Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial
  • JikesRVM

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