CSC 172
The Science of Data Structures
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The question's not what job you'll get after school --
It's what job you'll get when you're forty.

--Prof. Eby Friedman, ECE.



172 Syllabus and Schedule

172H Syllabus and Schedule

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172H Project Rules

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Labs, Workshops

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Lectures, Labs and workshops:

CRN     CS #     Title           Days    Time        Bldg  Rm  Inst. 
77914	4CSC172H SCI  DATA STRS	 WF      10:25-11:40 LChse 181 Brown
30279	4CSC172H SCI  DATA STRS	 WF      10:25-11:40 Gav.  202 Koomen
CRN                     Days    Time       Bldg  Rm  TAs
30298	4CSC172	 LAB 1  TR	0940-1055  GRGEN 102 M. Janczak, L. Yu
30282	4CSC172	 LAB 2  MW	1650-1805  HYLAN 303 A. Grealish, M. Markert
75141	4CSC172	 LAB 3	TR	1535-1640  MEL   210 J. Mao, W. Honore
75153	4CSC172	 LAB 4	TR	1230-1345  MEL   210 F. Rauf, T. Dimino
86466   4CSC172  LAB 5  TR      1400-1515  MEL   210 D. Sekora, Xiang
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