George Ferguson @ URCS

George Ferguson, Ph.D.
Professor (of Instruction) and Co-Director of Undergraduate Program
Dept. of Computer Science
Wegmans Hall 2103
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY USA 14627-0226


Edward Peck Curtis Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, 2023

UR Students’ Association 2018-2019 Professor of the Year in Engineering and Applied Sciences



No expiration date:


From 1989 to 2013, I was part of a fantastic inter-disciplinary team working at the intersection of Cognitive Science and Computer Science. We developed Intelligent Conversational Assistants based on deep, formal models of natural language understanding and collaboration. We applied these to problems ranging from logistics to health care to command and control.

Expertise: Artificial intelligence; Intelligent agents: agent communication languages, agent architectures; User interfaces: speech recognition, natural language understanding, dialogue, conversational agents; User-centered design; Temporal reasoning: representation, planning, scheduling; Semantic web: ontologies, knowledge-based systems; Medical informatics: electronic medical records, personal health records, self-care technologies.

Be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others.
— Jon Postel (ed.), RFC 793: Transmision Control Protocol (TCP) Specification, Sept. 1981
When a ball dreams, it dreams it is a frisbee.
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